Sweets & Champagne Wedding Style Shoot

Who doesn't love brunch and a little bubbly? That was the inspiration behind this same-sex style shoot. The pastel colors and light tones created a sophisticated, shabby chic look. Savvy Rose Events did an amazing job bringing everything together. Between the decor, sweets, and wardrobe, everything was truly mesmerizing. It's all about the details in this shoot and we love each and every one!

Venue: The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum | Chicago, IL

Beautiful Provence

The French countryside is absolutely stunning. When I arrived in Marseille, I drove directly to Provence located in the Southeastern region of France. I saw plenty of lavender fields along the way and could smell the aroma as well. I finally arrived in the small village of Roussillon. The area is nestled in the center of one of the world's biggest ochre deposits. The town itself was very picturesque with several small restaurants and shops. The first place I wandered to was a massive walking trail known as Le Sentier des Ocres. 

The trail was steep and rough, but it was well worth the trek. The view from the cliffs was spectacular. I could see miles and miles of fields, which looked never-ending. I'm accident prone, so it's no surprise that I tripped over myself a few times... but I survived! I snapped tons of pictures and got some excellent video at this spot. Whatever you do, don't forget sunscreen!! I burned my forehead here, which was the only downside to my visit.